A one-hour television documentary
Produced by Ramona Kelly and
Alpheus Media
Budget prepared by RK 11/04/08      
Phase I Production (on-location video interviews with four ranchers) and production of a 3-5 minute trailer      
Ramona Kelly-producer/interviewer/writer 4,000.00    
Alpheus Media      
Wilson Waggoner-Director/DP 2,500.00    
Production Assistant 500.00    
Camera package, audio, lighting, tape stock 1,941.30    
Travel and living      
Fuel 150.00    
Hotel 112.88    
Meals/Craft services 293.50    
BITCs (1 set BETA; 4 sets VHS dubs) 2,212.10    
Transcriptions/Editing/Graphics/Music 5,000.00    
SUBTOTAL   16,709.78  
Amount over budget, absorbed by RK & Alpheus   (456.78)  
Paid (9,000.00)  
BALANCE     7,253.00
Phase II Production (prep, travel, 3-day HD shoot in Alpine, Texas, BITCs, transcriptions)      
Ramona Kelly 4,000.00    
Alpheus Media (See attached) 35,452.00    
SUBTOTAL     39,452.00
Phase III Production (Remaining interviews or B-roll, the cost of which can only be estimated until we work with footage and material shot to date and determine the direction of the show)      
Estimate only for Ramona and Alpheus 10,000.00    
SUBTOTAL     10,000.00
Post-production (not firm pricesÉRK's estimates only)      
Editor and all equipment 30,000.00    
RK (script, editorial creative supervision) 15,000.00    
Digitization 5,000.00    
Protection dubs 1,000.00    
Graphics/titles/AfterEffects, subtitles 5,000.00    
Archive research $2,000/wk x 2 weeks 4,000.00    
Archival footage/photos/audio 15,000.00    
Music-original post score 25,000.00    
Licensing fees 3,000.00    
Audio studio 1,000.00    
Color Correcting (DV to Digibeta) 5,000.00    
Misc. post expenses 1,000.00    
Closed captioning 3,000.00    
Voice-over talent 7,000.00    
Total post production     120,000.00
Other costs      
Liability Insurance (errors and omissions) 5,000.00    
Legal & Accounting 3,500.00    
General and overhead (long distance, shipping,
photocopies, supplies, etc.)
Deliverables 2,000.00    
Total other costs     14,000.00
Contingency @ 5%     13,000.00