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Founded in 2005 as a not-for-profit corporation and bestowed the tax exempt status of a 501(c)3 public charity, the mission of the Cattlemen’s Texas Longhorn Conservancy is to engage in scientific and historical research, education and other charitable purposes associated with the conservation of original Texas Longhorn cattle.

Texas’s first beef breed, the original CTLR Texas Longhorn is now on the Livestock Conservancy’s List of 150 Critically Endangered Heritage Breeds. Once numbering in the tens of millions, the CTLR Texas Longhorn’s population is estimated at only 3,000 animals, worldwide. Cattleman’s Texas Longhorn Conservancy (CTLC) works closely with Cattleman’s Texas Longhorn Registry (CTLR), the ONLY Texas Longhorn breeders group dedicated to the conservation of the historically correct Texas Longhorn phenotypes and supports The Livestock Conservancy.

Imported to the Western Hemisphere more than five hundred years ago by the earliest Spanish explorers, the Texas Longhorn played a significant role in the history of the Americas and became recognized as North America’s original bovine. Nearly cross-bred into extinction following the great Western trail drives, the Texas Longhorn was acknowledged as a national treasure by the U.S. Congress, which in 1927 established a protected herd on the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma.

The Cattlemen’s Texas Longhorn Conservancy recognizes the value of this national treasure in its original phenotype (appearance) and genotype (genetics) and is intended to provide ongoing resources toward research and education pertaining to this naturally evolved, historic breed.

We are working with Bioinformatics Specialist Ted Kalbfleisch, PhD and Shavahn Loux, PhD of Invectus Informatics in Louisville, KY on a cutting edge research project using single nucleotide varients to discover the genetic signature of the conservation Texas Longhorn.

The Conservancy houses a comprehensive collection of conservation semen that is available for use by members of the Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Registry.

We also serve as a library for scientific and historical papers, historical photos and offer educational resources for teachers of Fourth and Seventh-Grade Texas History and High School Biology.

Texas Longhorn cattle of historic genotypes are declared Critically Endangered by the Livestock Conservancy.

CTLR Texas Longhorn beef was named to the Slow Food USA Ark of Taste in 2016.

We wish to thank our benefactors:

David Karger, Executor to the Estate of John Galle
David Holmgren
Double D Ranch
Debbie Adams
Don & Debbie Davis
James & Debby Farr
Robinson Holmes Van Norman PLLC

In June of 2021 we held a fund-raising dinner where Texas Longhorn beef was served to participants that enjoyed a fun evening with silent auction and screening of the educational documentary, The Holstein Delemma. We hope to host similar events in the future.

Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy

We wish to thank our underwriters: Granite Harbor Advisors, Debbie Adams, Farr Cross Ranch, DWD Longhorns, Tom Marrow, and supporters Jayson Wayne Cox, Monroe Sullivan, Mercedes Boot Company,, Mardee Calkins, Robin & Jimmy Vaughan, Lewis Fisher, Russell Tiner Cross T Ranch and Lisa Crow Photography whose generosity made the Longhorn Hero dinner a memorable farm-to-table experience at Cielito Lindo Ranch near Wimberley, Texas. A delicious Texas Longhorn beef dinner was prepared by Chef Tim Mehne. Backyard Green Films provided the evening's featured film The Holstein Dilemma.

Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy
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