How You Can Help

Ways To Give

Of course we need funds, but we also need your time.

Get Involved

Cowboys gathering Texas Longhorn cattle at wooden pens

For everyone, we offer :

  • Volunteer opportunities – to help with field days and historical events
  • Advocacy opportunities – to spread the word of our mission to Legislators, State and Urban Parks Planners, and  Foundations
  • We gladly accept your tax-deductible contribution of Texana and western collectables for our shop

For the Educational communities:

  • Teachers curricula for 4th and 7th Grade Texas History and Social Studies, and High School Biology
  • We offer an on-line Library of archived Research Articles pertaining to Texas Longhorn and Criollo breeds for High School and College students’ research use
  • Our representatives are available to participate in public historical and livestock-related events

For the Scientific community:

  • Collaborate with our research team
  • Contribute Research Articles to our archives

For the Journalistic community:

  • Contribute to the news and social media and our website your Videography, Podcasts, Advocacy Journalism and PR articles featuring human interest content pertaining to conservation of this endangered breed

For the Texas Longhorn Ranching community:

  • Work with our team to develop targeted conservation matings
  • Donate Bull Semen to our conservation collection
  • We offer funding for saving skin/semen from targeted conservation animals with

USDA ARS National Animal Germplasm Program

Trans Ova Genetics


Support Us Financially

  • We always welcome a good old fashioned check in the mail.  Credit card donations may be made to our PayPal Giving Fund, where we receive 100% of your donation.  Your monetary contribution is 100% tax-deductible.
  • Name our organization as a beneficiary in your Estate Planning
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Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy