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The Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy has assembled a collection of foundation semen. Straws are available to CTLR member breeders for purchase at $10 per straw. Our mission is to re-introduce these old genetics back into our gene-pool. Quantities are available for use, not intended to stockpile individuals' personal collections. From bulls we own five or fewer straws, we will only allow use on DNA tested females. We ask breeders to collect male offspring and donate to contribute to this dynamic collection, to assure for posterity the original Texas Longhorn genetics. The A.I. Sire List shows the number of straws on hand for each bull.

Send us an email from the Contact page to order semen. It is stored at Brushy Creek Custom Sire in Taylor, TX We will send you an invoice and authorize release of the straws you request.

Hovering over each image below will reveal the bull's name. Clicking the image will pop up an enlarged image that includes the bull's description. Please click the A.I. Sire List button to view the complete list of names. Clicking on the individual bull's name in that list will open a pop-up with his pedigree. This software does not have a comparison feature where two or more bulls' pop-ups may be viewed together. To compare bulls side-by-side, we recommend opening more than one browser and navigating to the bulls of interest. The description of each bull gives conservation percentages and Y-haplotypes of the bulls tested with the UC Davis Breed Assignment. For interpretation, please read the DNA Explanation.

Cattlemen's Texas Longhorn Conservancy