4th Grade Social Studies


A curriculum for 4th and 7th Grade Texas History that explains the roll the Texas Longhorn played in defining the history of Texas, may be downloaded for use by any teacher, homeschooler or persons seeking educational materials to share with children. Also linked, are suggested activities and teaching aides that parallel the curriculum. A comprehensive history lesson is available that weaves in the Texas Longhorn beginning in 1521 through present day.


Recommended audio/visual teaching aids are linked in the Audio & Video section of the Education page.

Enrique Guerra History of Texas and Texas Longhorn cattle – video

Red Steagall History of Texas Longhorn -video

Vaquero Texas History – video

Texas History and Social Studies

  1. Longhorn History (.pdf)
  2. Curriculum (.pdf)
  3. F1 cross study
  4. Map of Spain (.pdf)
  5. Brand Activity (.jpg)
  6. Tracks .pdf)
  7. Last 5000 (.pdf)
  8. Wikipedia Chinook explanation
  9. Cattle introduction to Americas map (.pdf)
  10. New Spain map (.pdf)
  11. Loading horses diagram (.pdf)
  12. Hat Styles (.jpg)
  13. Spurs (.jpg)
  14. Spanish Lasso (.jpg)
  • The Spanish Cowboys Who Fed An Army
    by Karen Schwartz
    An account of the first grand-scale cattle drive from 1779 to 1782, some 9000-15,000 head of cattle were trailed from Texas to Louisana to feed Galvez’s Spanish army that were fighting against the British.  The Texas Longhorn contributed to the American Revolution.

7th Grand & High School Science and
College level Breeding Selection Practices

This science curriculum is designed to meet Texas educational requirements and give a comprehensive overview of Genetics and Natural Selection including: phenotypes, genotypes, punnett squares, species adaptation to biomes and a comparison between natural selection and selective breeding.

  • Base Color (PowerPoint) + Bos Taurus Base Color Genetics Worksheet (pdf)
    –Middle School  Science, Grade 7 112.19.b
    Science lesson in heredity; genes, chromosomes, nucleus, alleles
    Punnett Square exercise in predicting color allele combinations
    –High School Biology 112.34.c
    Nucleic acids, Mendelian Genetics, commonality of genetic code
  • Natural Selection 1 (PowerPoint) + Comparing Longhorn & Hereford Traits Worksheet (pdf)
    –Middle School Science, Grade 7  112.19.b
    Science Lesson in Genetic variations within populations
    Natural Selection versus Selective Breeding
    –High School Biology 112.34.c
    In depth study of Natural Selection, taxonomy and hierarchical classification
    • Natural Selection 2 (PowerPoint) + Comparing Cattle & their Ecosystems Worksheet (pdf)
      –Middle School Science, Grade 7  112.19.b
      Science Lesson in genetic variations within a species, Natural Selection, heredity and biomes
      –High School Biology 112.34.cNatural Selection causing changes in populations, environmental resources resulting in differential reproductive success, adaptation and diversity
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